Terra Pacifica Properties is a private commercial real estate asset management firm with operations throughout the United States. Filling the leading role in the profitable management and performance of our client's commercial real estate assets, our duties include:

>  asset cash flow management, reporting requirements, and tax strategy

>  gathering and applying information concerning the market: purchase, sale, and leasing strategy, oversight of brokerage team

>  supervision of property management team and overall property operations: oversight of management policy, non-routine operating decisions and transactions, capital improvement programs

>  minimizing liability exposure through appropriate lease and contract provisions, insurance coverages, and regulatory compliance

>  liaison and coordination with outside professionals: attorneys, accountants, appraisers, architects, consultants, engineers, mortgage, real estate, and insurance brokers

Terra Pacifica's Offices in Camarillo, California

The asset manager has become more important during the past decade for three major reasons: 1. New classes of real estate owners lack the "hands on" expertise of the individual owners and small ownership groups of former years, 2. Corporations with significant commercial real estate holdings are increasingly emphasizing the contribution of this asset class to the bottom line, and 3. Investing in commercial real estate has become much more difficult than in previous years because of increased competition for tenants, difficulties in obtaining favorable financing, and increased government regulation. Terra Pacifica Properties is recognized for its ability to consistently deliver results year after year. The company adheres to a carefully formulated philosophy withstanding the test of time as well as the expected movements through the real estate cycle:

>  target long-term portfolio value enhancement


> maintain a small staff, relative to portfolio size, and the flexibility and commitment to make quick and effective decisions


>  maintain a commitment to the highest levels of ethics and integrity in all aspects of the organization